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Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Shoe Trends from fashionisers.com

We have been covering all the fall/ winter 2015-2016 fashion trends seen on the Fashion Week runways at this point, ranging from New York to Paris, London and Milan. We have looked into the colors and the prints, as well as the general styles of clothing pieces you’re going to wear come the cold months. Now, we bring to you the complete fall/ winter 2015-2016 shoe trends report that you have all been waiting for. From Dior’s thick see-through heeled marble boots to the gothic feel of the Alexander Wang designs, we have seen them all and loved them to no end. After all, after diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friends.The Fashion Weeks lasted for about a month all together, but we cannot help but feel like the overload of information appeared to extend the time period. The clothing was definitely the main focus of the fashion shows overall, as is usually the case, but when we cast our gazes downwards, closer to the ground, we were thoroughly captivated by the wide array of fabulous …


Eric Michael - Samantha VS Penny Loves Kenny - Opus-Glitter 

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Eric Michael - Samantha (Red) High Heels - Whether you're going on a weekend retreat or hosting an important business meeting this versatile heel from Eric Michael is a lovely choice.Leather upper with bold crisscross strap details.Buckle... is PRICE 69.99$
Penny Loves Kenny - Opus-Glitter (Red Glitter Material) High Heels - These sexy Holiday heels feature a glitter upper with cut out accents laced bow front detail scoop vamp and complete with an approximately 5 3/4 inch is PRICE 40.99$
Eric Michael - Samantha (Red) High Heels Price: 69.99$
Penny Loves Kenny - Opus-Glitter (Red Glitter Material) High Heels Price: 40.99$

The Compare price winner is Penny Loves Kenny - Opus-Glitter (Red Glitter Material) High Heels : Price = 40.99$

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