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Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Best High Heel Shoes for Women 2018

Is there anything more glamorous and sexy than a pair of high heels. Look at those models rocking the stage in a pair of seductive heels. If you are in love with shoes then this is the article that will blow your mind. We will be talking about everything you need to know before purchasing a pair of best high heels.

What to consider before buying a pair of high heels?

 Yes, you love them and love the way you look in them but heels are the most difficult thing to carry. If you don’t do it right you might be on the receiving end of a wardrobe malfunction. We will be telling you about things that you have to consider before buying a pair of heels. Are you ready?

What is the most comfortable height for you?

Best High Heel Shoes
The most important question you have got to ask yourself is which height is the most comforting. If you are not comfortable in it you will topple and fall. The powerful, authoritative and alluring look that heels have to offer will go down the drain if you are in agony. If you have never worn heels then you must start off with a lower height.

The size of the shoe.

You know if it fits, it fits. Be very sure about the size of your feet before you buy a pair of high heels. If you are not certain about your size then measure it by placing your feet on a piece of paper and mapping out the boundary.  We ask you to choose a size that is a bit loose on the front side of the heels. When you wear heels your feet automatically move forward causing you discomfort, so choose the size that feels right.

Is the heel balanced?

You have to look for a pair of shoes that distribute your weight evenly across your foot. If the weight of your body isn’t distributed to the front then not only will your feet be uncomfortable but your knees and lower back will be in pain too. You will wobble around and that will ruin your posture.

Are you prepared for blisters?

The problem with new shoes is that they gift your feet with blisters. So, be prepared to face them from beforehand. Buy an easily available pack of anti-blisters stick. We assure that it will work to reduce the outburst of blisters from now on.

Shoes that have padding.

If you add an insole to your shoe then it will take up more space inside. So, choose a pair of high heels in a greater size than the one you wear to fit the insole properly. It is better that you opt for a pair of shoes that already has padding in it.

Choose Leather.

You should always choose material that allows your feet to breathe. Picking leather is the ideal option. Avoid synthetic material that doesn’t stretch. Your heels must have a leather lining on the sides as well.

Get it right.

It is no use wearing a pairing of heels if you can’t walk in them. The trick is to keep your shoulders back and engage the muscles in your abdomen. If you have pain in the feet this way it will be balanced.

Where are you looking?

Keep your head held high and only look ahead. Never ever look down at your feet. You will disturb the balance and fall.

Buckles or no buckles?

If wearing buckles during the day cause your feet to sweat then make sure it is adjusted the right way so that you can strot all day long comfortably in them. You can even choose bands that stretch so that the discomfort caused by buckles is avoided.

The height of the platform and heels.

Wearing a pair of stilettos that are of eleven inches height with no platform is of no use because you are bound to fall. The pressure that these kinds of heels put on your feet is unbelievable. When the platform of the heel has some height then the balls of your feet won’t be in pain.

Choose heels that are thicker.

Comfort is what you need to pick everytime you pull down a pair of heels from the racks. Slimmer heels will put more pressure on your feet. Opt for those heels that are thicker.

Keep your budget in mind.

Always remember to ask yourself whether or not you need those pairs of shoes. If you already own the same design of high heels don’t go ahead and buy another pair because it is half off. Another point to remember is how often are you going to wear these heels that you can’t resist to buy. If it is for one special occasion or the fact that it looks great with one outfit then do refrain yourself from splurging.

Different brands have a different fit.

Always measure your feet before you buy shoes. Always. Different brands have a different fit. Sizes are also mentioned in different ways like US/UK.

Go shoe shopping when you have had a long hard day.

Trust us. The size of your feet isn’t the same throughout the day. They become swollen by the activities of the day. So, go shopping for your heels after you have walked a lot.

Is there rubber on the heels?

If there is no layer of rubber on the heels of your shoes then don’t buy them. Rubber on the heels will prevent you from falling and give your legs the grip it needs. The heels of the shoes that have no rubber are practically the most dangerous thing you can buy.

Which is more preferable closed or open?

You have to choose which kind of heels are more desirable?  Is it more comfortable when the front is open? If your toes are all jammed inside then it is better you opt for one that has the front open to provide you more comfort. Remember it won’t be sexy and admirable if you are cringing in pain while you are wearing them.

How does your toe feel?

If all the fingers on your feet stick to one another how will you ever move? The chances of corns, hammer toes, arthritis and bunions will crop up if you wear heels that don’t give enough space to your toes. Choose the round shape as it gives more room to your toes. The pointy shoes look classic and chic but they are painful at the same time.

Stand, stand and stand.

Heels are the most powerful object to turn your legs sexy. They are great for almost every ocassion but what if you wobble and fall? To avoid such a catastrophe you have to stand. No, not walk. Simply stand for at least 20 minutes in your heels. Let your feet get accustomed to them. This small routine will allow your shoes to expand and fit perfectly to your feet.

Time to walk.

Are you done admiring those beauties on your feet then it is time you start to walk. Just like you practiced standing in high heels it is time you start practicing walking in them too. Make sure you walk in your high heels every day for a minimum of thirty minutes. If you are an amateur in wearing heels then wear heels on special occasions.  


Everything will flush down the toilet if you wear shoes that don’t give you security and stability as you walk. You need to consider everything before you buy a pair of heels because it is you who will wear it and it is also your hard earned money.
  • Go for heels that are chunkier.
  • If you’re an amateur don’t go for stilettos no matter how tempting they are.
  • Choose heels with plastic, wood or cork soles and you will regret it everytime you take a step.
  • Kitten heels, sling backs, ankle-strap, boots and peep toes are the choices you should make.
  • Stay away from mules or heels with too many straps.
  • Does it feel that you’re tip-toeing on your heels? Then don’t buy it.

Tricks to learn to rock the high heels.

After knowing what to consider before buying heels. We will tell you the things that can help when you’re actually wearing them. But, at first, keep these things in mind.
  • Don’t ever plan to wear your high heels for the first time in a public place. It won’t be nothing but a disaster.
  • Keep your body fit. If you desire to walk as casually like a model on the ramp then you have to be fit. Join a yoga class to strengthen your core. It will help you retain your balance when you are on the road wearing a pair of stilettos. You have to engage your core and keep your shoulders relaxed if you want to look graceful.
  • Take a rest every time you can. If you find a place to sit, simply sit and stretch your feet.  Make sure to sit gracefully with your legs crossed so that the world can admire your sexy heels.
  • Customize your high heels to provide comfort to your feet. Wear your shoes for an hour or two the day it arrives to you. Mark the places that cause you discomfort or agony.  You will have to address the pain before it becomes more and unbearable in the future. You will find it painful mostly at the balls of your feet as that is the spot which has to undergo all the pressure. Purchase a packet of ball cushions and pad your stilettos with it. Don’t ever walk out of your home without doing this.
  • Wearing heels on a daily basis is not a piece of cake. Even models find it a difficult and tormenting task. You have to remember to extend and straighten your feet every time you place your feet on the ground. This will help you to look graceful. If you don’t do this your steps won’t be co-ordinated and you will end up looking like a total disaster.

Heels and body types.

Like different dresses look good on different body types the same holds true for shoes.
  • Large Ankles. You want to take away the attention from your ankles so stay away from ankle-strap heels. Choose slingback or pump as it will make your feet look elongated and graceful.
  • Short Legs.  Heels with a t-strap will make your short legs wider. You can’t opt for the ankle-strap heels as well. To create an illusion of leaner and longer choose heels in a neutral shade or the peep-toes.
  • Wide Feet. In case your feet is wide then choose shoes that are round in the front and have the vintage feel to them.
 You will be amazed to know the variety of heels that are trending in the fashion world. We thought of giving you a quick glimpse of it.

10 Best High Heel Shoes

We have assembled a list of shoes that you can pick if you are gaga about heels.

1.  Women Stiletto Sandals Cross Strappy High Heels 11CM Open Toe Bridal Wedding Party Shoes

 Image result for ZriEy Women Stiletto Sandals Cross Strappy High Heels 11CM Open Toe Bridal Wedding Party Shoes
Want to be in the spotlight? Then these stilettos are the best choice you can make when it comes to a party, date or wedding. With its classic and die-for design, these shoes don’t compromise in style or comfort. The sleek design and the presence of ankle-strap make it even more desirable. The
ZriEy  69 will never intimidate the look of your dress but only do wonders by enhancing your look. One knows what is more you get to choose a colour that matches perfectly with your ankle-length jeans, trousers or body con dresses.

  • The use of rubber sole prevents you from slipping.
  • Height of the heels is only 4.5 inches which makes them easier to carry.
  • Wear the nude shade of these stilettos to your office to add a powerful look to your outfit or pair it with your casual clothes before heading out to a party.
  • Use of leather instead of any cheap synthetic material guarantees your comfort.
  • Straps used in the ZriEy stilettos can stick to your feet and cause you discomfort during the hot, summer days.

2. Women’s Strappy Chunky High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals Open Toe Dress Sandal For Wedding Birthday Party Evening Office Shoes

 Image result for Women's Strappy Chunky High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals Open Toe Dress Sandal For Wedding Birthday Party Evening Office Shoes
Want comfort and style at the same time? The broader heels of these shoes make them even more desirable. Falling in the category of chunky heels you will never look undesirable in these. Ability to turn any casual dress into a star these high heels must find a place for themselves in your shoe closet.

  • The use of leather makes these high-heels comfortable to wear for longer durations.
  • It has a low heel height which means the chance to trip and fall will diminish to zero.
  • The fit of these chunky heels are great for the balls of your feet.
  • Comes in an wide array of colours.
  • The easy to wear strap keeps your feet in place and provides support.
  • You will have to wear ankle length or short dresses to show off these shoes which won’t be possible always.

3. Women Pumps Closed Toe Platform High Heel Buckle Satin Evening Party Wedding Shoes

 Image result for ElegantPark Women Pumps Closed Toe Platform High Heel Buckle Satin Evening Party Wedding Shoes
It is Friday night and all you have to do is put on some make-up and these gorgeous platform heels to rock the dance floor. The use of a brooch on the satin material of the shoes is eye-popping.

  • Height of the heels is only .5 inches making it easier to wear and carry.
  • Perfect for brides or to party.
  • Comes in as many as eleven shades.
  • The touch of rhinestone decoration on it makes it even more desirable.
  • Use of satin instead of leather. Leather is the most comfortable and breathable material for shoes.
  • You can only wear it for parties making it practically useless for other occasions or day to day activities.
  • The height of the heel isn’t impressive.
  • Front part of the shoes is closed which makes it a little uncomfortable for some women as the toes might get crammed inside.

4. Women Peep Toe Pumps Platform Thin Heel Stiletto Sandals Wedding High Heels Slip On Dress Shoes

 Image result for Joogo Women Peep Toe Pumps Platform Thin Heel Stiletto Sandals Wedding High Heels Slip On Dress Shoes
If you want a pair of shoes that can make everyone drool over your admirable looks then this is the pair for you my dear friend. The unique and eye-catching pattern of this stiletto is available in not one, not two but as many as forty-two different shades. Need we ladies ask for anything else? This brand has the ability to make you a pair of shoes just the way you want. How great is that?

  • Use of leather. The unique and most reliable material that one can wear on their feet is leather.
  • The front of the stilettos is open which means you can flaunt your well-maintained feet. It also keeps your toes from sticking to one another.
  • Presence of padding inside provides comfort to the feet.
  • It is high as six inches.
  • You won’t wobble and fall as the weight of your body will be evenly distributed.
  • The option of making your own pair of shoes.
  • You can’t wear it every day as the heels are too high.

5. High Heels for Women, Women’s Classic Closed Pointed Toe Bridal Wedding Party Pumps

 Image result for VOCOSI High Heels for Women, Women's Classic Closed Pointed Toe Bridal Wedding Party Pumps
Want to turn the look of your everyday wear into something that is jaw-dropping? Wear a pair of pumps in animal print. Both prints and heels are the two words that make fashionistas go crazy. The glossy finish of these beautiful pumps is to die for.

  • The sole of the pumps is made out of rubber which means extra comfort for your feet.
  • Evenly distributes the weight of your body without putting any pressure on the balls of your feet.
  • As high as twelve centimetres with a platform heel of .25 inches.
  • Choose a matte finish or glossy pair of stilettos.
  • The height of the platform in comparison to the height of the heels is not good enough to manage a person’s weight evenly.

6. Ruffled Ankle Strap High Heels – Sexy Open Peep Toe Sandals – Strappy Formal, Wedding, Party, Classic, Wedding – Lolli by

 Image result for J. Adams Ruffled Ankle Strap High Heels – Sexy Open Peep Toe Sandals – Strappy Formal, Wedding, Party, Classic, Wedding - Lolli by
How can you resist the charm of these incredibly gorgeous heels? The work of ruffles on the ankles is just WOW. Coming in three exciting colours these shoes are hard to resist.  Help your leg look leaner and glamorous by wearing these comfortable pairs of shoes.

  • Gives a slender look to your legs by raising your height by four inches.
  • Ruffles are made out of material that is man-made. No harm was brought to any animal in the manufacture of these heels.
  • The insides of the stiletto have a soft padding to provide comfort for your feet.
  • Rich hues and quality design makes it an unique pair.
  • The ankle-strap provides support to your feet.
  • Presence of rubber at the bottom of the heels prevents you from toppling.
  • Use of synthetic material instead of leather is a negative point.
  • The platform of the stilettos have no height and are closer to the ground which means the body weight isn’t evenly distributed.

7. ZB-030 Women’s Classic Side-Zip High Heels Leather Riding Boots Pointy Toe Knee-High Dress Boot

 Image result for VOCOSI ZB-030 Women's Classic Side-Zip High Heels Leather Riding Boots Pointy Toe Knee-High Dress Boot
How can one be a fashionista without a pair of high-rise boots that too with heels? Bring these out in the winter season so that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to fashion. Perfect for short dresses or simply wear it above your jeans to look gorgeous.

  • The flattering knee length height of the boots is to die for.
  • It is very comfortable on the insides as it is lined with faux fur.
  • Your feet will stay warm on the inside and look gorgeous on the outside.
  • Walk with elegance and style in these 3.7 inches heels.
  • The choice between black and tan is going to be a difficult one to make.
  • Use of leather to manufacture the high heels is another plus point.
  • The price of the shoes is a bit high.
  • Can be worn only in the winters.
  • Might hurt your feet as there is no platform height.

8. Women’s Pointy Toe High Heel Pump Shoes

 Image result for Premier Standard Women's Pointy Toe High Heel Pump Shoes
In the need for a pair of heels that won’t hurt your feet and look good at the same time? Then choose these heels. Run to your office by enhancing your look with these heels that are four inches high.

  • The use of the eco-friendly material.
  • Perfect for office wear or a casual day out.
  • Completes your look no matter what you’re planning to wear.
  • The choice in colours that you get is to die for.
  • Your feet won’t hurt even when they are arched in these heels.
  • Allows you to stay confident and comfortable for longer durations.
  • Use of insole to keep your feet from aching.
  • The proportion of platform to the height of the heels isn’t right.
  • Use of synthetic material instead of leather is a let down.

9. Women’s Comfort High Heel Sandal – One Band Open Toe Ankle Strap Sexy Dress Chunky Block Heel – Stiletto Sandals

 Image result for Guilty Shoes Womens Comfort High Heel Sandal - One Band Open Toe Ankle Strap Sexy Dress Chunky Block Heel

It is time to add some funky look to your outfit. The only problem you will face while buying these gorgeous and sexy heels will be the choices in colour that you are about to get. Hop to your office or strot to a party with these stunning shoes any day or every day.

  • Provides balance and stability by maintaining the height of the heels and platform.
  • Goes with every outfit for its perfect design. Wear it with flowing hemline long dresses or bodycons. In the mood for slim-fit jeans? Go for it with these pump heels.
  • Comes in a wide range of colours to choose from.
  • As high as four inches.
  • The front is open which gives your toes comfort.
  • Use of ankle-strap provides support to your feet while you walk.
  • The layer of rubber at the bottom of the heels prevents you from falling.
  • The use of synthetic material instead of leather is something you can’t miss out.
  • Straps can be uncomfortable during the summer season.

 10. Satin Wedding Shoes Sexy Women Shoes with Lace Flowers Bridal Shoes High Heel Evening Shoes 4.5 inch RS-2064
 Image result for LUXVEER Satin Wedding Shoes Sexy Women Shoes with Lace Flowers Bridal Shoes High Heel Evening Shoes 4.5 inch RS-2064
Be the show stopper with these dazzling pair of eye-popping shoes. Closed toe, work of lace, the presence of heels gives it the gorgeous look. Enhance and embrace your femininity with these LUXVEER  5
Satin shoes.

  • Stylish and unique design.
  • The work of lace and the presence of strap is to die-for.
  • Comes in different and rich hues to make any dress shine even if it is your wedding gown.
  • The sleek heel is of 4.5 inches.
  • Cushioned with insole on the inside provides comfort to your feet.
  • The straps and back cover design provides support to your feet.
  • Not suitable for every occasion.
  • Use of satin instead of breathable material.

Whoever said that money can’t bring you the joys that life beholds never went shoe shopping. We girls have no need of diamonds if we get a pair or multiple pairs of shoes in heels. Or may be trade that diamond for a wardrobe full of shoes. Be it Cinderella’s glass shoe or the show-stopper’s eleven inches high heels we are crazy about shoes and we will be till eternity freezes. Shoes can make or break the deal so don’t let them ever break the deal and buy the best pair of heels for yourself.

Guide to the different kinds of heels available.

Peep Toes.

Your toes peep out of the opening that is present in the front of the shoes. The higher the length of the heels the better. These shoes are extremely seductive and sexy.  Body-hugging dresses, tailor made ankle-length pants or any dress that is short will go great with these shoes. Make sure your nails are in shape and well polished before you put the peep toes on.


For every woman who can’t bear the agony that stilettos put you through. Wedges are the solution to your problems. You will find these heels more comfortable as the weight is equally distributed. The best part is you can wear them with anything.

Heels that are shaped like cones.

The upper side of these heels are wider and they reduce in thickness as it reaches down. You get a variety of designs and lengths for these type of heels. Wear it with dress or skirt which has a hemline that is flowy.


What can we say about the boss of all heels? Every girl needs to have a pair of stilettos. It is absolutely mandatory to own these beauties. With thousands of designs out in the market, these shoes can be really hard to pick. They have a minimum of six inches height. The front side of stilettos is closed. Yes, it is tricky to get accustomed to these but the day you do you will never look back. Owning a pair of stilettos in black and nude will get you covered for any ocassion and outfit. Add the powerful look to your dazzling personality by wearing these.


There is a lot of difference between wedges and platform heels. The front part of platform heels is chunky and thick. It is very comfortable to walk around in these. A Bodycon dress will bring out the best features of a platform heel.

Kitten Heels.

These heels are becoming extremely popular for their fashion and comfort factor. If you are totally against the idea of wearing high heels then this is the choice for you. It will elevate the look of your outfit in the right way and are not high and thin. Put them on with a pair of slim-fit jeans, dresses or cigarette pants.

Heels that are cut out.

With the rise in their popularity, these heels are a must-have. You need a lot of practice to pull of this stylish pair of heels.  Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, design and material they are every girl’s fantasy. These shoes look sexy and neat because they are cut in that fashion. If you wish to cover up your feet that are not properly pedicured then this is the choice to make.

Sling Backs.

If you need support for the back of your feet while wearing high heels then this is what you go for. These heels have straps to hold the feet in place and enhance the look of your outfit by showing off your ankles.


The round-toe and work of lace on the shoes make them old-fashioned and give them a nice vintage touch. Put these on with dresses that have flowing hemline.


Similar to the high-heeled stilettos but there lies a small difference. Pumps have heels that are only four inches high. The front side of the pumps sits on the floor lower than that of the stilettos. Wear them to a party, date or to your office. For they are perfect for any look.
Blending femininity with a hint of masculinity these shoes are the hottest trend in the fashion world today. It will give your outfit a feel of the Victorian Era. Closed at the front with thicker heels this is a choice you can make while wearing monochrome dresses or trousers.

Heels that are chunky.
Want to grab a pair of every style of heels out there? Then you can’t miss out the heels that are bulky and which provides you with a more stable base to walk on. Pair your casual outfits with these heels so that they get a chance to dazzle.


If you haven’t heard about the famous heels that resemble a comma. Yes, the punctuation- comma. These are trending in 2018 and you will find models and celebrities in them. They are not very high in length and can be worn to any party.


Finding it difficult to maintain your balance in heels then this is the way to go. Spools have a wider rear and front end but they are slimmer in the middle. They create the perfect balance and go great with everyday wear. You can wear it for long hours without ever hurting your feet.


A strap goes around the ankle of your feet making them way more secure to wear. They come in a wide range of choices and are the personal favourite of every fashionista. Wear them with short dresses or ankle-length jeans and trousers.

The cork heels.

The front portion of these heels is wider than that of the lower end. The length of the heel varies and so does the design but the use of cork makes these shoes softer and comfortable.

Boots with high heels.

Come winter and you will be ready to slay the world with your high-heel boots. When the temperature falls don’t part your ways with fashion. Perfect for slim-fit jeans.


Another pair of shoes that provides support and comfort to a woman’s feet. The use of natural fibre on the lower part of the heels make them soft and the leather lining on the upper part is what gives them a unique look. Perfect for those days where you will have to be on your feet for a longer duration of time.


Open at the back these shoes are comfortable as they retain your feet’s shape. You will get a wide range of choices in these. Jackets made out of denim or leather go really well with mules.

The corsets.

Incorporating the corset style these shoes are tight and closed. Well-defined dresses or skinny-fit jeans are the best options for these shoes.

The fantasy ones.

Yes, you heard us right. These shoes can bring your fantasies of looking like a diva to life. Covers the unique trends and designs. You can’t even imagine the designs and styles they come in. Fan of Katy Perry or may be Lady Gaga? Then you know what we are talking about.

Heels for Ballroom.

With a strap on the ankle and closed back gives you incredible support and comfort to move around freely.  They are closer to the ground but elevates your height in the perfect way imaginable. Wear it to a wedding where you have the chance to meet your handsome prince and share a move or two with him.

Boots of ankle length.

High-rise boots are not suitable for the spring. So, here is what you do that is both sexy and fashionable. Pair your dresses, denim or shorts with ankle-length boots. Coming in a wide variety of choices in material, design and colour this is something a girl needs.

The wedge sandals.

Unlike the wedges, these are more open like that of a sandal giving your feet an extra good look. You can wear it all day long as they won’t let you down when it comes to style, comfort or design.
Now that you have the complete idea the types of heels that are present in the market. It will help you pair your outfit with the right shoes.

It is now time to buy a pair or pairs of high heels for yourself.
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